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Journaling my thoughts and experiences in this life journey that I am taking with consideration to the environment, animals, fellow humans and myself.

Along this path I am excited by vegan food, raw vegan food, personal development and good health and by being an alternative and passionate entrepreneur, idler and thinker.

Blocked Toilet = Blocked Mind?

Thoughts Posted on Fri, June 19, 2009 09:47:13

A few weeks ago I shared with you the tale of our blocked toilet. If
you have not yet read this piece of life-altering material than you
can find it here.

The blockage is now thankfully clear but shortly after we had fixed
the problem an emotional block that I was experiencing cleared too. I
have read that emotional issues can be manifested in seemingly
unrelated physical occurrences. For example your front door may be
difficult to open, representing a problem that you have with ‘letting
people in’ and making yourself vulnerable and open to other people. I
am wondering if this is what had happened to me.

About the time that our toilet problem started to occur (which was
several weeks before it became completely apparent) I had come up
against some problems of a technical and practical nature in the
setting up of my venture
. It was a bit of a stinker at first (much like the first signs of
our toilet issue) but I didn’t think it was going to be much of a
problem. Well, it needn’t have been if I had just gotten on and tried
to resolve it as soon as possible, but I sort of sat on it for a
while (the problem, not the toilet!). I knew it would have to be
dealt with eventually, but the more days that passed, the more of a
block it had mentally created for me until about the time of the peak
of the toilet blockage when I really felt I had ground to a halt.
This had prompted me to question my ideas, my ability, commitment and
enthusiasm to a point that it made me want to give up on the whole
idea and go and work for McDonalds. Well, not really…I would never
be that desperate. I would rather work as a go-go dancer than for
that company. That place is the antithesis of my planned venture. I
am hoping to inspire people to live a joyful and fulfilled life and
to reach good health. I hope to promote earth, animal, body and soul
friendly food and to choose respect over profit.

Anyway, having almost giving up on my planned projects, one can say
it left me with a sense of lacking purpose. But it took me a while to
figure that out, and in the meantime I was going around with a
confused question mark above my head. I knew something was up, so I
decided to award myself a ‘free day’ to try and heal and figure out
what was going on. So, on that day, instead of plowing on lovelessly
with practical things, I stayed in bed.

I woke up without an alarm clock, trotted downstairs and made myself
a yummy and healthy breakfast and a big pot of tea, and went back to
bed where I allowed my thoughts to wonder freely as I stared at the
ceiling, propped against a comfy cushion with a pile of books and
notepads at my side. I wasn’t cured of my blockage immediately, but
it treated my inner self to a restful day. A day that I prize more
than a stay at a 5 star spa. (Why do we only allow ourselves to
linger in bed when we are ill and not able to enjoy the experience as
fully as we would do were we not coughing and sneezing or nursing a
pounding head? It really is such a restorative and healing thing to
do for ourselves – you should ask for a day in bed for your next
birthday/anniversary/Mother’s day present. Find a nice
distraction/minder for your little ones, turn off the phone, resist
plugging in online, make a pot of tea/jug of juice or smoothie and
just delight in your duvet enshrined paradise.)

But a couple of days ago, for no apparent reason, I felt inside of me
an unblockage (and not in the bowel department either!) I suddenly
saw my projects with rested eyes, and realised the potential that I
have to create the life that I want to lead.

Since then I have resolved the initial problem that initiated this
little diversion of mine which then opened up a new phase in my
start-up plan. The seeds that I had sown have started to grow a
little. Well, you can after all grow pretty flowers from a pile of
shit. There I go again, I think I am getting a bit obsessed with
toilets. Wonder what that is a sign of?


Investing in Today

Life Posted on Fri, June 12, 2009 08:41:31

I invest a large proportion of my energy and resources into my health
and well-being. I prioritize good quality, healthy, home made organic
food over many things. I would rather forgo a few trips to the
cinema/pub every month in favour of ensuring that what I eat makes me
feel well, happy and healthy both physically and mentally.

Much of what I read helps my personal growth, and I try to exercise
and stretch regularly to keep myself in reasonable shape, and to
avoid stiffness and back pain which I can get from sitting at a desk
all day. (Notice the ‘try to’…there honestly are days when I can’t
be bothered and so my little body scrunches up in to a crippled chair
shape until I am literally forced to un-scrunch my self again with a
brisk walk and some yoga!)

I know that not everyone has these priorities in life, which I
respect. But also know that many people have looked at my lifestyle
choice and wonder why I bother. I mean I do spend a silly amount on
fresh, health giving food, I go without many things for sake of the
environment, and I seriously narrow my job prospects for the sake of
not working for obviously ‘evil’ companies that harm my health, the
health of others, the environmental or animals.

I think that some doubt the usefulness of investing in their physical
and mental health for the future. One person justified their lack of
investment in their health by saying ‘Life’s too short – I could
get run over by a bus tomorrow’. Indeed that is true, and we must
live with this in mind. Not to be depressing, but we need to remind
ourselves that life is short and the years tick by so quickly that if
we don’t live the life we want to live now, then it may be too late.

But I am not just investing in my future I am investing in my now. If
I eat non-supportive food today and don’t exercise for weeks then I
feel the negative effects immediately; not just physically, but also
emotionally and mentally. It’s not just about giving myself the best
chance to avoid illness later in life. It still may happen, but if my
todays are good then my tomorrows are more likely to be good too. If
I have a clear mind (which eating mostly raw food and plenty of
greens does indeed give me) I will more likely make better life
choices today. Today is my future.

The ironic thing is that when this person told me that life was too
short – that he might get run over by a bus tomorrow, so there was no
point in stopping smoking – he was working as a cleaner in the office
where I worked. My instant thought was: if this guy thinks he may die
tomorrow then why the hell is he emptying bins and not living his
life to the max spending time with his kids or fulfilling that dream
he had always had?

I fully appreciate the commitment and challenges it takes to shift
one’s life from a place of bad health to good health, but if we
discover that the benefits will be felt immediately then perhaps we
would be more motivated to make these changes. After all, someone may
live a healthy life and feel great on a daily basis and still get
seriously sick at age 80. Someone may abuse their body and mind with
bad food, cigarettes and lack of self respect and live till they are
100, but every day might pass with them feeling low in energy,
unenthusiastic, unhappy and with a foggy mind. Thinking short term and looking
forward to a shift in our well-being in the immediate future may seem
more motivating than doing it to prevent an unimaginable, bad thing
that may or may not ever happen.

Personally, I know that if I am looking after my physical and mental
health it gives me more clarity, strength, creativity and passion to
get on with the things I really want to do in life. It’s an
investment that gives amazing returns. So even if I end up having to
empty bins to earn a living, at least I can do it with a spring in my
step and a smile on my face. 🙂

Blimey! Best Baffled by Backed-up Blog

Life Posted on Fri, June 05, 2009 10:34:44

Apologies for the rather tabloid-like play on words. In fact during
the past few days it seems that most people we have spoken to have
managed to come up with some amusing toilet humour. It’s not that we
have suddenly starting hanging out with a bunch of Viz readers
( or
anything it’s just that we have had a – shall we say –
less-than-fully-functional toilet for a short while.

All of Christoffer’s colleagues all know about it; the guy at the
hardware store who sold me some unblocking tools knows about it –
‘Skitkul’ was his gleeful reply to my problem; the guy who we bought
from the house knows about it; and now you, dear Reader, know about
it. (Am sure my
translator friend would come up with a good English equivalent for the Swedish ‘Skitkul’, but
I have a pot of green chai to drink and so will have to leave you
with a literal translation of ‘Shit fun’. ‘Skit’ is often used in
Swedish where us Brits might use the word ‘Bloody’ like ‘skitbra’
meaning ‘bloody good’ or in this case ‘skitkul’ meaning ‘bloody

It all started last week when I noticed a strange flapping sound
coming from the toilet. The next day things weren’t disappearing as
quickly as they should, and soon after began our five-day long battle
of the bog. (For the
benefit of those of you not familiar with the British vernacular,
‘bog’ is a rather inelegant word for ‘toilet’!)

Day 1: We started with buckets of water, and random stabbing with the
toilet brush. We couldn’t see anything that was blocking it, and
things would gradually flush away, but our ‘special thinking seat’
certainly wasn’t working like it should do.

Day 2: Christoffer bought a plunger. Then Christoffer needed a
shower. No luck.

Day 3: Christoffer found a number of a local plumber, but I didn’t
want to book one until we had had a proper go at resolving it
ourselves, for financial reasons as well as wanting to save face. I
mean how silly does it feel to call a plumber to poke around in the
household poopments when one can have the pleasure of doing that

I had a go with the plunger and quickly found out why C had needed to
shower afterwards. I rummaged around the house and created myself a
‘plunging mask’ consisting of a pair of workshop protective goggles
and an old vest top that I used as a bandanna to protect my mouth
from…well, you get the picture!

No luck. Another evening of tentative toilet trips, multiple
flushings and prayers to the Bog God.

Day 4: Determined to fix the problem without the need of a plumber, I
went to a hardware store near work and came back with a 7m wire
thingy, and a can of ‘environmentally friendly expanding gas drain
cleaner’. I also tried to call the previous owners for advice in case
it was the septic tank, but I couldn’t get through to them.

No luck with my new fancy gadgets, though I did learn a handy trick
from the internet. When plunging, cover the toilet in a large plastic
dustbin bag…didn’t unblock the toilet, but it did save me from an
icky shower!

Day 5: Finally get hold of previous owners. We check the septic
tank…looking a bit damp around the extraction pipe…good sign that
it should have been emptied – oh about a month ago!!!

Call the kind folks who dedicate their days to driving out in a big
truck to suck clean the giant poo tanks of us country dwellers. An
emergency call-out would cost 4.000 SEK (approx. £300 / $500 / 370
euro) but if one was to come within 24 hours it would ‘only’ cost
about a third of that. If you book one in time so they can come
within 5 days, the price sinks to a less depressing figure.

1.500 SEK to empty our septic tank!! Shit! When you work part-time
there are not a lot of pennies left over for such ‘fun luxuries’ as
spending 1.500 SEK on getting your poo removed. But they had the
upper hand, and there was not much we could do about it, except learn
from the experience and realize that the previous owners’ estimate of
emptying the tank once every 3 months (we have lived here just 2
months) only applies to households of people who don’t eat quite as
much fiber as we do.

A friend confided in me that before he turned veggie he would only
poop about twice a week. Now he visits the little boys room twice a
day! If most other people go around with 3 days worth of food (mainly
meat and processed cereals) rotting in their bowels no wonder there
are a lot of glum faces around!

Anyway, between us and our fellow ‘regular’ guests we managed to fill
up the tank pretty quickly, and even if the regular price of emptying
the tank is around a third of the price we had to pay then we would
still be paying rather a lot every year for, let’s face it, nothing
but shit.

So out came the calculator. And what followed was a rather
‘interesting’ conversation. Christoffer calculated the volume of the
septic tank, estimated the amount of water per flush and the cost per
toilet visit and cooly gave us a ration of 4 flushes a day each.


‘Why, how many times a day do you poo’? he asked.


Now that I have already shared so much personal information about our
toilet, I may as well share with you the fact that I am a little
toilet shy. Some couples are quite comfortable peeing in front of
each other. Not us! Or rather, not me. We have been together for
nearly 7 years, and I still maintain that some things need not be

And number two’s?? Well since I am a fairy princess from Planet
Avocado I expel my waste products through my leaves that I cleverly
hide under all my hair and don’t ‘do number two’s’…

… so this question left me with the beginnings of what could have
turned into a fit of hysterical nervous laughter.

God! 4 flushes day!?? I am fine about ‘letting it mellow if it’s
yellow’, but let’s say for arguments sake, that I was a mortal
human and do pass the occasional solid, would 4 flushes a day
cover it? And what happens when we have guests? Whose rations do they
get? Do I start having to find friends and families with lazy bowels?
How do I find that out – issue a poo questionnaire? I could see it in
front of me: ‘You are invited to a party at Miss Best’s house – but
only if you don’t intend on having a poo while you are there’. Or do
we start charging them per flush? Make them go in the garden or the


And we were still going to have to wait 24 hours before the tank was
emptied. Rations or no rations, we had agreed not to flush again
until it was emptied to save any more toilet water overflowing in to
our beautiful garden. When you know you can’t flush the loo, that’s
when your body starts to mess with you. ‘Ha ha, Miss Best…remember
all that fruit you ate this morning, it’s got to come out some
time…’ ‘Is that a poop, or just a bit of wind lurking? Well
whatever it is, do you dare try and find out?’…


And so I went to bed and dreamed of blocked toilets and laughing
neighbours, and pipes and drains.

But joy! At 9.30 this morning a truck pulled into our driveway, and I
had to stop my self from running downstairs and covering this hero of
bowel relief in grateful kisses. Fifteen minutes later I was happily
wasting 25% of my daily flush ration to test if the toilet was back
in business. And it was! All is good again.

So life in Miss Best’s home is back to normal. Well, apart from the fact that we still have to work around our flush rations. Maybe it’s time to get eco (and wallet) friendly and switch to a compost toilet. Then we can have the pleasure of dealing with our own shit. And we and our guests can poop all day long if we so fancy.

Oh, by the way, if one of my neighbours ever tells you that they saw me sneak in
to the forest at 7.30 this morning, with crazy bed hair and a pair of
blue flowery wellie boots and a pocket full of tissue, then you know
that they are just talking crap.

Who ate my Sunflower Seedlings?

Life Posted on Thu, May 28, 2009 10:28:48

A couple of weeks ago, I planted a packet of sunflower seeds. I
imagined these beautiful yellow giants swaying in the breeze all
summer carrying in their pretty heads handfuls of edible presents for
me to plant and for the birds to enjoy. One day some of them peaked
through from the damp soil, squinting into the bright Spring sun, all
green and fresh and a glorious example of life. The next day, they
were gone. All except half a leaf. Who had eaten them? My
investigation went a little something like this:

‘Did you eat my sunflower seedlings?’, I asked the Deer. ‘Oh no’,
replied the stag with a shake of his antlers. ‘It was not me. But I
do know that my dear wife is partial to a nibble of sweet things. She
can’t help it you know. It’s terrible awkward. All the neighbours
complain.’ ‘Oh, no, it wasn’t me!’ protested Mrs Deer, her shiny
hooves pressed to her velvet cheeks in exaggerated horror. ‘Really,
it wasn’t. I admit that I do like a little succulent sprout in the
afternoon, but I really can assure you that I am quite innocent in
this case. See! There is one here that is half eaten. I know I am
quite a delicate and gracious grazer…’ (She was not. In fact if she
were human, she would buy her clothes from the ‘Plus-size’ range and
dine at the ‘eat all you can’ buffet), ‘…but I think you will agree
that even my dainty ivory-coloured teeth…’ (a euphemism for her
buck-toothed mouth that never ceased to move for she was either
eating or talking about eating, and didn’t come from the best stock
in the first place – a sad genetic fact that did not support her
claim to be dainty in the oral department) ‘…are not capable of
removing half a leaf from this tiny – but may I say rather
delicious looking – seedling’.

She was, I hate to admit, quite right. The facts spoke for
themselves. The tiny half-eaten leaf did not look like the work of
the deer. Blaming it on them would have been nice and easy, making
this a simple open and shut case and I could have gotten on with my
day and rescued the remaining un-sprouted seedlings by placing them
out of the way of Mrs Deer and her ‘dainty’ mouth.

‘If you ask me’, coughed Mrs Deer peevishly, ‘I think this looks like
the work of Miss Rabbit. She’s not one to pass up a little nibble of
new seedlings, you know. ‘Ah, Miss Rabbit’, I sighed. That tricksy
little lady. One moment you have a nice green lettuce plant, the next
moment you have a bare patch of soil and a white blur of her cheeky
little tail. ‘Yes, this does look like the work of Rabbit. There are,
after all, no hoof prints to suggest that you deer have sabotaged my

‘Ha, of course not, my dear’, scoffed Mrs D, ‘with these
delicate hooves? I tread with the lightness of a butterfly. My
balance exceeds that of the squirrel. Why, my hooves are as shiny
as…as…’ here she stopped for poor vain Mrs Deer couldn’t think of
what had shiner hooves than she, even though the beady eyes of
Woodpecker and the shell of funny old Mr Beetle outshone her
over-polished hooves. The above claims to her ballerina-like poise
were sadly unfounded and though I could see that the deer were
actually innocent (this time) such exaggerations reduced her
credibility during this unofficial trial.

‘Mr Deer, would you be so kind as to keep an eye out for Miss Rabbit
on your travels and ask her to pop by when she can?’ I asked as I
stroked his toned and glossy back.


‘Mr Deer?’

‘Miss B’, he said slowly. ‘I am as you know, completely loyal to my
wife, as a good husband should be, but I am not able to support her
on this occasion. I would hate to undermine such an – ahem-
intelligent and credible creature, but though I am certain she is
quite innocent, I do not believe this is the work of Miss Rabbit’.

‘Really?’, said Mrs Deer and I at the same time. ‘Then who…’ but my
question was answered before I could even pose it, for right before
our eyes came an ant. A single little ant. A tiny teeny little ant.
No bigger than a freckle on the face of Mr and Mrs Deer’s new fawn.
And upon his teeny tiny little ant back was the remaining half of the sunflower leaf.

Do you recognise yourself/know where you are?

Thoughts Posted on Fri, May 22, 2009 17:21:05

Today I took a beautiful and inspiring
walk in the sunshine. We have only lived on this wonderful peninsula
for a few weeks, and so haven’t walked my usual route very many
times, so today when I walked it going in the opposite direction I
found myself a little unsure of which way to walk. There was no real
danger of getting horribly lost, but the path isn’t always clear and
I could have found myself in someone’s garden. It’s no big deal but
it did inspire some thoughts.

I speak Swedish about 50% of the time,
and so usually think in English, but on this occasion the Swedish
expression “Jag känner inte igen mig” popped into my head. This
literally means “I don’t recognise myself” but really means ”I
don’t know where I am”.

It seemed such an apt thing to think
about on that walk. The thought that when we change direction –
even for a short while – we gain a new perspective on life and on
ourselves. Like when we go on holiday and one can view ourselves from
outside of the usual auto-pilot routine. Suddenly we can see with
different eyes and think “Woah- what am I doing? This isn’t me”
or “Wow, look at what I am doing, my life is better than I thought.
I am impressed that I live a life that differs positively from my

Changing the direction of my path that
day meant that the ups became downs and the down became ups. New
beauty spots where found, and the walk became more challenging and
interesting. And I fell in love again with my surroundings.

My life has changed pretty radically in the past few weeks –
going from living in a cramped rental apartment with an annoying and
fussy landlord and thin walls, all nestled under a flight path, to a
large house with a garden and just the woodpeckers to break the
silence. Also going from the Swedish winter to the spring means that
I can shed a layer of clothes, feel the sun on my face, and work in
our new garden. Suddenly I feel that I don’t recognise myself or know
where I am. But it’s new and exciting and the path I have been
longing for. Even though it can feel like a new pair of shoes that
need to be worn in and made to feel like me.

Underselling our dreams and the power of visualization.

Life Posted on Fri, May 15, 2009 08:13:14

Do we sell our
dreams short? I think I do. Not wanting to sound like like I am
asking for sympathy, but I have been feeling a slight unease since
moving in to our new house. I have been so completely blown away by
the surrounding nature that I hadn’t felt like I could completely
accept it as my new life so that I could settle in.

But I recently
managed to put my finger on this feeling. I felt like I was actually
having to become comfortable with my beautiful new home because it
far exceeded my expectations. I think I had been imagining just an
average house in the country not the amazing location we ended up
with. In fact even the estate agent under-advertised the house,
highlighting the work that needs doing rather than the potential and
the incredible surroundings. So while we could see it was a nice
area, it was only after moving in that we discovered how beautiful
and peaceful it really is.

I don’t think I
was quite prepared for the extent of this beauty I see every day.
Maybe I didn’t visualize it because I didn’t think we would find such
a place within our budget. Maybe I thought that I didn’t deserve such
a nice place.

I think the power
of visualization is very strong so I am grateful that we didn’t end
up with just an average place in an average rural location. This
insight has recently lead me to correct my ambitions in other areas
of my life. I have, for example, decided to keep an eye out for a
new part time job. I thought that I would be able to see my current
one out until I can support myself completely with my projects, but
it’s becoming increasingly difficult to work there now that the
contrast between how I feel in my free time and my work time is so

Instead of
visualising my dream job I have caught myself visualising what I
think is reasonable to find. I would prefer to work locally but I
haven’t been able to imagine an authentic and ‘alternative’ place for
me to work. But it occurred to me ‘Am I selling myself short?’ If I
don’t aim for anything better than ‘it will do’ how can I expect to
be content with my future new position?

One certainly has
to be careful with what one wishes for. I remember hearing of someone
who had wished for years to become a millionaire. Eventually he did –
but not in the way he would have hoped. He had been involved in an
accident which left him paralyzed and had been awarded $1 million in
compensation. So not only must we not sell our dreams short, we must
also be slightly more specific to ensure what we receive serves us.

I can confirm
this. I have dreamed about a home in the country for so many years.
In fact I did buy a house in the country about 5 years ago. It was
certainly an amazing experience, and the location was wonderfully
peaceful, but I hadn’t visualized the scenario that would best
satisfy my needs. I bought the house solo – it was just me and my
cats. But I have since discovered it’s so much more enriching to
share the experience with someone – it makes a house feel more like
a home.

I don’t regret
buying that house for a moment. It served as a cocoon for me giving
me the time and space to become more authentic. It was incredibly
inexpensive to buy and also very cheap to run. The low outgoings gave
me the confidence to quit a very uninspiring and almost damaging job
and just take time out. Time to heal and time to grow. There were
good times in that house, and there were almost freakish movie-type
moments, such as when the house was attacked by a swarm of hornets,
which I discovered after I saw them squeezing themselves through the
wooden shutters in the middle of the night!.

But the house
lacked something. It lacked Christoffer. We had only recently become
a couple when I bought the house, so it wasn’t even considered that
we should live there together. I didn’t know I needed to visualize a
house AND someone to share it with! Dur! But now, second time around,
my vision for my new home included My Love.

during our search for a home I discovered that we also need to really
tune in to our partner when aiming for something together. Towards
the end of our search for a home, I got quite specific about what I
wanted. Suddenly we saw a place that had the precise details of what
I have envisioned. It was almost creepy how tailor made this house
was for my wishes. I say my
as we were of course two and
since Christoffer hadn’t really imagined the house to the detail like
I had he didn’t click with it on the level I did. In the end we were
out-bid, and bought the beautiful home we have now, but it just blew
me away how the universe can deliver what we ask for. Down to the
tiny details.

So with this in mind I urge you to not under-visualize your life. You
deserve to be blown away with beauty and fulfillment! You deserve a
life to love.

-Thanks to Christoffer for the beautiful photo of our neighbourhood!
You can see more of his photography here:

Inspiring, fun and responsible business.

Being excited about your work Posted on Thu, May 14, 2009 18:35:21

As I have
mentioned before, I love Booja Booja truffles. I also love inspiring
companies that break the mold and operate in an authentic and
responsible way

I thought I would share this beauty with you:

“The Booja Booja company exists to
nurture intimacy, balance, well-being, love, ecstasy and humour in
the world through all avenues available.” – the Booja Booja
Business Purpose

What’s your business/life purpose?


Words Posted on Thu, April 30, 2009 15:00:41

I wake alone
I bake alone
fornicate alone

I sleep alone
I weep alone
count those sheep alone

I swear alone
dispair alone
wash my hair alone

I laugh alone
I bath alone
photograph alone

I cook alone
I look alone
read my book alone

Climb hills alone
take pills alone
pay the bills alone

I lay alone
I pray alone
holiday alone

Shine my shoes alone
watch the news alone
play those blues alone

I cry alone
I lie alone
surely die alone

But then you came along
and finally
I had someone to argue with

– Miss Best 2005

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