am going to keep this post short and sweet as it has a similar theme
to a previous post

night I looked at Christoffer with my puppy dog face and said
“Pleeeeeeease can we watch a film together since it’s our
holidays?” He didn’t take too much persuading, but he did have the
condition that it would be an animated film. Since I fortunately have the
mental age of a three year old, I was more than happy with this

we managed to decide which animated movie to watch, we came across a
nice film called ‘Bedtime Stories’. It’s not animated but it is a fun
‘suitable for kids of all ages’ movie starring Adam Sandler, 2 cute
kids and a hamster with huge googly eyes. Adam Sandler’s character,
Skeeter, has to look after his niece and nephew for a week, and on
their first night together Skeeter tells them a story, but to his
chagrin the kids join in on the narration adding their own
imaginative details. The next day the story comes true and Skeeter
soon realizes that it’s the kids’ details that are realized and not
the parts he come up with. He wants them to come up with stories that
get him the Ferrari, the girl, the money, the promotion, but kids’
brains don’t work like that and they come up with far more exciting
things like gum-ball rain and snot monsters. It might not turn out
exactly like they imagined but the essence is there.

the kids do add their details Skeeter tries to censor them: ‘That
would never happen’ or ‘That’s not possible’. Not surprisingly the kids are
hurt by this and the first time it happens they clam up and retreat
under their duvets. But still the stories become reality.

many times do we censor ourselves with ‘That would never happen’ or
‘Be realistic’? Who’s to say it will never happen? Isn’t life way too
mysterious and magical to edit it in our minds? Isn’t it better, and
more fun, to imagine and visualize events that blow our minds and to
leave the details for Lady Universe to take care of? If we keep
reprimanding our wonderfully creative and limitless minds for coming
up with things that we
think will never happen, eventually we will dry up. Our minds will
become limited and will clam up and retreat under the duvet.

sack your mental editor and let loose your mermaids, gum-ball rain,
snot monsters and talking trees and write your own script to this
adventure we call life!

Stay tuned kids because I have given my editor the sack and am
bursting with new blog posts. Watch out for another one in the next
few days!**

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