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Journaling my thoughts and experiences in this life journey that I am taking with consideration to the environment, animals, fellow humans and myself.

Along this path I am excited by vegan food, raw vegan food, personal development and good health and by being an alternative and passionate entrepreneur, idler and thinker.

Bonus Blog!

Thoughts Posted on Fri, June 26, 2009 22:24:38

This is a bonus blog. Wohooo! I usually only put up one post once a week, as
that seems to fit my life at the moment, but for a person like me –
who, when packing a small suitcase, spends far too long trying to
decide what to take – ‘what if it’s cold’? or ‘what if I need this
or that?’ – it’s not easy to decide which passage of thought to

I mean there is so much to write about! I want to write about funny
incidents, or something that has helped my growth, or something I
love and want to recommend, or something I am extremely grateful for.

Sometimes having so much choice and having to edit one’s own life can
be daunting, It can paralyze us. We may think ‘How will I know I have
made the right choice and be satisfied with it?’

A good example of this is toast. Yep toast. Roasted bread. I rarely
eat toast -or bread for that matter- but I just love it. To me, a
meal of tea and toast is just so amazingly comforting, tasty and
cozy. But I can’t say I feel full of vitality afterwards. So I
consider what many people have every day for breakfast to be a real
treat. But the problem is this: what to have on my toast? There are
too many choices. The options are endless. Do I go savoury: Marmite
and tahini? Vegan cheese and tomato? Dairy free sour cream and vegan
caviar? Avocado and salad? Or perhaps I fancy something sweet: Jam?
Banana and maple syrup? Chocolate spread? Or what about a mix? Peanut
butter and agave syrup? Or perhaps just plain old vegan (margarine)

And because I can’t possibly eat a piece of toast for every option I
fancy (without feeling bloated and really rather ‘blurgh’) then it
puts the pressure on that sacred piece of toast. What if it doesn’t
quite ‘hit the spot’? What if I choose salt but I wanted sweet?
Arrgh…Toast Trauma!

So, what’s the answer? Choose one topping and be grateful for it? Go
hungry? Choose something else with less attachment to it, but with
the risk of missing out on yummy joy or satisfaction to avoid
disappointment? Choose something that is better for your health?

When it comes down to it I usually skip the toast and have a bowl of
fruit salad instead. The bowl of fruit has far less pressure on it
than that poor piece of toast! But today I had both – well
metaphorically speaking. Today I posted one blog and now I am
complimenting that blog with a blog about blog decision angst. And
the best thing is that I don’t feel bloated or wont charged for
excess baggage. Sweeeeeeet! (or do I mean savoury?)


Blocked Toilet = Blocked Mind?

Thoughts Posted on Fri, June 19, 2009 09:47:13

A few weeks ago I shared with you the tale of our blocked toilet. If
you have not yet read this piece of life-altering material than you
can find it here.

The blockage is now thankfully clear but shortly after we had fixed
the problem an emotional block that I was experiencing cleared too. I
have read that emotional issues can be manifested in seemingly
unrelated physical occurrences. For example your front door may be
difficult to open, representing a problem that you have with ‘letting
people in’ and making yourself vulnerable and open to other people. I
am wondering if this is what had happened to me.

About the time that our toilet problem started to occur (which was
several weeks before it became completely apparent) I had come up
against some problems of a technical and practical nature in the
setting up of my venture
. It was a bit of a stinker at first (much like the first signs of
our toilet issue) but I didn’t think it was going to be much of a
problem. Well, it needn’t have been if I had just gotten on and tried
to resolve it as soon as possible, but I sort of sat on it for a
while (the problem, not the toilet!). I knew it would have to be
dealt with eventually, but the more days that passed, the more of a
block it had mentally created for me until about the time of the peak
of the toilet blockage when I really felt I had ground to a halt.
This had prompted me to question my ideas, my ability, commitment and
enthusiasm to a point that it made me want to give up on the whole
idea and go and work for McDonalds. Well, not really…I would never
be that desperate. I would rather work as a go-go dancer than for
that company. That place is the antithesis of my planned venture. I
am hoping to inspire people to live a joyful and fulfilled life and
to reach good health. I hope to promote earth, animal, body and soul
friendly food and to choose respect over profit.

Anyway, having almost giving up on my planned projects, one can say
it left me with a sense of lacking purpose. But it took me a while to
figure that out, and in the meantime I was going around with a
confused question mark above my head. I knew something was up, so I
decided to award myself a ‘free day’ to try and heal and figure out
what was going on. So, on that day, instead of plowing on lovelessly
with practical things, I stayed in bed.

I woke up without an alarm clock, trotted downstairs and made myself
a yummy and healthy breakfast and a big pot of tea, and went back to
bed where I allowed my thoughts to wonder freely as I stared at the
ceiling, propped against a comfy cushion with a pile of books and
notepads at my side. I wasn’t cured of my blockage immediately, but
it treated my inner self to a restful day. A day that I prize more
than a stay at a 5 star spa. (Why do we only allow ourselves to
linger in bed when we are ill and not able to enjoy the experience as
fully as we would do were we not coughing and sneezing or nursing a
pounding head? It really is such a restorative and healing thing to
do for ourselves – you should ask for a day in bed for your next
birthday/anniversary/Mother’s day present. Find a nice
distraction/minder for your little ones, turn off the phone, resist
plugging in online, make a pot of tea/jug of juice or smoothie and
just delight in your duvet enshrined paradise.)

But a couple of days ago, for no apparent reason, I felt inside of me
an unblockage (and not in the bowel department either!) I suddenly
saw my projects with rested eyes, and realised the potential that I
have to create the life that I want to lead.

Since then I have resolved the initial problem that initiated this
little diversion of mine which then opened up a new phase in my
start-up plan. The seeds that I had sown have started to grow a
little. Well, you can after all grow pretty flowers from a pile of
shit. There I go again, I think I am getting a bit obsessed with
toilets. Wonder what that is a sign of?


Do you recognise yourself/know where you are?

Thoughts Posted on Fri, May 22, 2009 17:21:05

Today I took a beautiful and inspiring
walk in the sunshine. We have only lived on this wonderful peninsula
for a few weeks, and so haven’t walked my usual route very many
times, so today when I walked it going in the opposite direction I
found myself a little unsure of which way to walk. There was no real
danger of getting horribly lost, but the path isn’t always clear and
I could have found myself in someone’s garden. It’s no big deal but
it did inspire some thoughts.

I speak Swedish about 50% of the time,
and so usually think in English, but on this occasion the Swedish
expression “Jag känner inte igen mig” popped into my head. This
literally means “I don’t recognise myself” but really means ”I
don’t know where I am”.

It seemed such an apt thing to think
about on that walk. The thought that when we change direction –
even for a short while – we gain a new perspective on life and on
ourselves. Like when we go on holiday and one can view ourselves from
outside of the usual auto-pilot routine. Suddenly we can see with
different eyes and think “Woah- what am I doing? This isn’t me”
or “Wow, look at what I am doing, my life is better than I thought.
I am impressed that I live a life that differs positively from my

Changing the direction of my path that
day meant that the ups became downs and the down became ups. New
beauty spots where found, and the walk became more challenging and
interesting. And I fell in love again with my surroundings.

My life has changed pretty radically in the past few weeks –
going from living in a cramped rental apartment with an annoying and
fussy landlord and thin walls, all nestled under a flight path, to a
large house with a garden and just the woodpeckers to break the
silence. Also going from the Swedish winter to the spring means that
I can shed a layer of clothes, feel the sun on my face, and work in
our new garden. Suddenly I feel that I don’t recognise myself or know
where I am. But it’s new and exciting and the path I have been
longing for. Even though it can feel like a new pair of shoes that
need to be worn in and made to feel like me.