A few weeks ago I shared with you the tale of our blocked toilet. If
you have not yet read this piece of life-altering material than you
can find it here.

The blockage is now thankfully clear but shortly after we had fixed
the problem an emotional block that I was experiencing cleared too. I
have read that emotional issues can be manifested in seemingly
unrelated physical occurrences. For example your front door may be
difficult to open, representing a problem that you have with ‘letting
people in’ and making yourself vulnerable and open to other people. I
am wondering if this is what had happened to me.

About the time that our toilet problem started to occur (which was
several weeks before it became completely apparent) I had come up
against some problems of a technical and practical nature in the
setting up of my venture www.miss-best.com
. It was a bit of a stinker at first (much like the first signs of
our toilet issue) but I didn’t think it was going to be much of a
problem. Well, it needn’t have been if I had just gotten on and tried
to resolve it as soon as possible, but I sort of sat on it for a
while (the problem, not the toilet!). I knew it would have to be
dealt with eventually, but the more days that passed, the more of a
block it had mentally created for me until about the time of the peak
of the toilet blockage when I really felt I had ground to a halt.
This had prompted me to question my ideas, my ability, commitment and
enthusiasm to a point that it made me want to give up on the whole
idea and go and work for McDonalds. Well, not really…I would never
be that desperate. I would rather work as a go-go dancer than for
that company. That place is the antithesis of my planned venture. I
am hoping to inspire people to live a joyful and fulfilled life and
to reach good health. I hope to promote earth, animal, body and soul
friendly food and to choose respect over profit.

Anyway, having almost giving up on my planned projects, one can say
it left me with a sense of lacking purpose. But it took me a while to
figure that out, and in the meantime I was going around with a
confused question mark above my head. I knew something was up, so I
decided to award myself a ‘free day’ to try and heal and figure out
what was going on. So, on that day, instead of plowing on lovelessly
with practical things, I stayed in bed.

I woke up without an alarm clock, trotted downstairs and made myself
a yummy and healthy breakfast and a big pot of tea, and went back to
bed where I allowed my thoughts to wonder freely as I stared at the
ceiling, propped against a comfy cushion with a pile of books and
notepads at my side. I wasn’t cured of my blockage immediately, but
it treated my inner self to a restful day. A day that I prize more
than a stay at a 5 star spa. (Why do we only allow ourselves to
linger in bed when we are ill and not able to enjoy the experience as
fully as we would do were we not coughing and sneezing or nursing a
pounding head? It really is such a restorative and healing thing to
do for ourselves – you should ask for a day in bed for your next
birthday/anniversary/Mother’s day present. Find a nice
distraction/minder for your little ones, turn off the phone, resist
plugging in online, make a pot of tea/jug of juice or smoothie and
just delight in your duvet enshrined paradise.)

But a couple of days ago, for no apparent reason, I felt inside of me
an unblockage (and not in the bowel department either!) I suddenly
saw my projects with rested eyes, and realised the potential that I
have to create the life that I want to lead.

Since then I have resolved the initial problem that initiated this
little diversion of mine which then opened up a new phase in my
start-up plan. The seeds that I had sown have started to grow a
little. Well, you can after all grow pretty flowers from a pile of
shit. There I go again, I think I am getting a bit obsessed with
toilets. Wonder what that is a sign of?

(Image: www.sxc.hu)