Today has been one
of those blissful days that make all the risks and scary leaps
Coming back from a beautiful walk in the sunshine with
stunning scenery, surrounded by birds and butterflies (I felt like I
was in a Disney movie!) I was smiling so much. Jumping about
excitedly from time to time, I even shouted ‘I love life’ over the
water from the top of a cliff. But then my thoughts turned to my
darling Christoffer who had to go in to town to work at an
uninspiring office, and would probably come home with the slight
dampness of city working about his soul. He too wants to be an
entrepreneur – to work with something he loves and which he can
direct, instead of working for someone else. But he is not quite
there yet, and I so want him to be so he too can experience the joy I
have experienced today. Just like I want you to experience it. I want
you to live a life that makes you proclaim your love for it from
cliff tops. Knowing that will increase my enjoyment of my bliss.

For me, finding
out that it is possible to
work with something that we love gave me hope. Like many others I had
previously thought that work was a necessary evil. That in order to
enjoy what one does or do good, one either has to do it for free or
for very little money. I have lived my volunteer and charity worker
chapters and realised very soon that – although I am not a
money-chaser – until the utility companies, public transport
authorities, vegetable growers etc start offering free services and
products, then I too need to make an acceptable living.

what was my alternative? To work for some random company, dissolving
into the stained beige carpet? I wasn’t about to accept that. Well,
not 5 days a week anyway! But the universe led me to read Nick
Williams’ book ‘The work we were born to do’ and my eyes were opened. So many
people have already taken the scary leap away from ‘secure
employment’ to work with what they love the most. And I have learned
that we all deserve to get paid for what we love to do; and that what
we love to do is in fact a gift to the world and other people, and
following your dream is not in fact selfish – it is incredibly
unselfish. Imagine if your favorite
artist / musician / dancer / chef / writer / clown / teacher had not followed
their dream. Imagine being denied the pleasure they have brought you!

also helped me understand that there are more ways to do good in the
world than donate money or time to charities. (Though they are great
things to do too, of course!). Just being the kindest, nicest, joyous
person you can be can bring so much light into people’s lives. And
although it is said that the best way to forget one’s woes is to
listen to someone else’s it is much easier to be a happy bunny when
one is content with one’s life.

And think, if we
are all occasionally so blissed with life that all we want is good
for other people, and that we are prepared to do almost anything to
spread that joy, think what a world we could be sharing!


Nick Williams
offers a very inspiring FREE e-course to help you discover the work
you were born to do and how to implement it. I highly recommend it!

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